Following discussions with the DOH on AFC Mileage Rates, in which NIPSA played the lead role, we have secured an additional 10p on mileage rates over 3500 miles until at least September 2023 and up to 1 year should there be no Health Minister in place. The DOH has also confirmed to NIPSA it is offering a commitment to work with Trade Unions for a Northern Ireland specific approach to AFC mileage rates that, if agreement can be reached, will be in the Health Ministers inbox when the Assembly Executive returns. NIPSA will now seek at the earliest opportunity to start discussions on this issue.

We want to say a big thank you to all NIPSA members who took part in withdrawing their cars for personal use on the 20th January. This action contributed to rapid movement by employers and the result should be regarded as a major advancement for NIPSA members in dealing with mileage across an integrated health and social care system. Don’t forget to read the Branch view on the Mileage dispute on our website – Mileage Rates – Why it Matters.

Here’s a link to Nipsa HQ confirming this.

Up the workers!! Action works!!


Nipsa Branch 730 Team