Morning Nipsa Strikers

We will be on strike today from 1pm to 5pm.  Some suggestions:

• If you work full-time 5 days a week you are entitled to a lunch break of 30 mins – we’d suggest to take this at 12.30pm

• We would also suggest to try and clear up any work before 12.15pm. We know in some circumstances this may be difficult, but remember you are on strike at 1pm

• If any work needs passed over to other people not out on strike, we would suggest this is done around 12pm.  Non-urgent work can wait and be picked up tomorrow or whenever

• If you are working from home you are instructed to stop work at 12.30pm – enough time hopefully for you to jump in a car or use public transport to get to a picket line!

• Unfortunately, there will be some NIPSA members who are not derogated and will break the direction to take strike action. This is an appeal to you – please reconsider.  We are fighting for better pay, safe staffing and fair mileage rates – it’s ambitious, but should our objectives be achieved you will benefit from the actions of striking NIPSA members and other striking workers

Details of Picket Lines (updated):

  • Royal Victoria Hospital – 1pm – 3pm / Falls Road Entrance. Contact – Gerry Largey
  • Belfast City Hospital – 1pm – 3pm / Main Entrance – Lisburn Rd. Contact – Keith Campbell/Peter Gill
  • Carlisle Health & Wellbeing Centre – 1pm – 3pm / Main Entrance – Antrim Rd. Contact – Anne O’Toole/Emma McKernan 
  • Knockbreda Health & Wellbeing Centre – 1pm – 3pm / Entrance – front of road. Contact – Tanya Killen/Eoin Dawson/Denise Norwood
  • Knockbracken Healthcare Park – 1pm – 3pm / Main Entrance.  Contact – Jim McLean/Raymond Nelson
  • Shankill Health & Wellbeing Centre – 1pm – 3pm / Front of building – Shankill Rd. Contact – Siobhan Bell
  • Beech Hall Health & Wellbeing Centre – 1pm – 3pm / Main Entrance – Andersonstown Rd. Contact – Damien Maguire
  • Suffolk Day Centre – 1pm – 3pm / Main Entrance, Stewartstown Rd. Contact – Andrea Kane